Some books on CALL

  1. BEATTY, K. (2003), Teaching and Researching Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Pearson Education, Longman.
  2. BUTLER-PASCOE, M.E. & WIBURG, K.M. (2002), Technology and Teaching English Language Learners, Allyn & Bacon.
  3. CHAPELLE, C.A. (ed.) (2003), English Language Learning and Technology: Lectures on Applied Linguistics in the Age of ICT (Language Learning and Teaching, 7), John Benjamins Publishing Co.
  4. DUDENEY, G. (2000), The Internet and the Language Classroom, CUP. (A new revised edition will appear in 2007)
  5. FEYTEN, C.M. et al (2001), Teaching ESL/EFL with the Internet: Catching the Wave, Prentice Hall.
  6. JEONG-BAE, S. (ed.) (2004), Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Concepts, Contexts and Practices, APACALL.
  7. LEVY, M. (1997), Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Contexts and Conceptualization, OUP.
  8. SMITH, D. & BABER, E. (eds.) (2005), Teaching English with Information Technology, Modern English Publishing Ltd.
  9. SPERLING, D. (1998), Dave Sperling's Internet Guide, Prentice Hall.
  10. SPERLING, D. (1999), Dave Sperling's Internet Activity Book, Prentice Hall.
  11. SZENDEFFY, J. de (2005), A Practical Guide to Using Computers in Language Teaching, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.
  12. SWAFFAR, J.K. (ed.) et al (1998), Language Learning Online: Theory and Practice in the ESL and L2 Computer Classroom, Labyrinth Publications.
  13. TEELER, D. & GRAY, P. (2000), How to Use the Internet in English Language Teaching, Longman.
  14. WARSCHAUER, M. (ed.) et al (2000), Network-based language teaching: Concepts and Practice, CUP.
  15. WINDEATT, S., HARDISTY, D. & EASTMENT, D. (2000), The Internet, OUP.
  16. ZACHARIA, G. & ZAPHIRIS, P. (eds.) (2006), User-Centered Computer Aided Language Learning, Idea Group Publishing.
All these books can be found at Amazon.
To make the list shorter, I would say that books dated before 2003 need some updating to include new generation web tools (podcasting, blogging, video sharing, wiki collaboration, ...).
Beatty (2003) is a good book on research topics on CALL. Numbers 3 and 6 are collections of articles presented at professional associations conventions. Szendeffy (2005) is an introductory book for teachers who want to start to use computers to teach languages. Although it was published last year, it doesn’t mention new web tools.
I haven’t read Smith & Baber (2005) and Zacharia & Zaphiris (2006). They haven’t arrived from Amazon yet. I hope Santa Claus or the Magic Kings (January, 6th) bring them to me. I promise to review them.


Isabel Pérez said...

Hi Jose Luis,

one the books I found quite clarifying and useful was the one from Mike Levy.
He has recently published a new one that I would like to read, but don't see it in Amazon.
2006. (with G. Stockwell). CALL Dimensions: Options and Issues in Computer Assisted Language Learning. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates.
let me know if you find the way to buy it.

José Luis Cabello said...

Thank you for the reference, Isabel. I didn't know about Levy's new book.
I have just seen it in Amazon:
It can also be found at

I have also seen some other references that are not in the list:
Call Research Perspectives (Esl and Applied Linguistics Professional Series.) (ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series) by Joy L. Egbert (2005)
New Perspectives on Call for Second Language Classrooms (ESL and Applied Linguistics Professional Series) (ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series) by Sandra Fotos (2004)
CALL Essentials: Principles And Practice In CALL Classrooms by Joy Egbert (2005)

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