EVO 2007

The CALL Interest Section of TESOL offers the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2007.
The sessions are free and open to all interested parties. You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in this six-week, wholly online session of the EVO, Jan 15 -Feb 25, 2007. Registration is from January 1 to 14.
In their Announcement Web page there is a description of the different sessions or groups. They strongly recommend that you sign up for no more than two sessions, but I am interested in at least six:

Becoming a Webhead

Digital Gaming and Language Learning

E-assessment tools
for language teaching

Tips and Tricks for Successful
Online Teaching and Learning:
Facilitating Authentic Use of English

Webcast Academy

Webpublishing in Open
Participatory Environments


Anonymous said...

Hello Jose

The EVO looks fantastic. I'll definitely be joining you online for a few sessions! Perhaps if we split up and watch different sessions, we can convene afterwards and share what we've learned.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to participating in the EVO event.

Thanks for your excellent blog and for all of the great links. My semester is just about over now, so I can return to reading and development to catch up on what I've been missing. Your blog will be a regular stop for me.

Keep up the great work, my friend.

Chris Surridge

José Luis Cabello said...

I agree with you that the EVO event looks fantastic. I think I will register at "Becoming a Webhead" and the session on "tips and tricks". Let me know if you prefer these ones.

Thank you so much for your friendly and encouraging feedback. I also appreciate your innovative work at CALLSIG.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jose!

I'm already interested in the interface between gaming and language acquisition, so I'll register for that one. The "E-assessment tools" is also of interest, so I'll cover that as well. This will be an interesting and rewarding collaboration.

See you online!

Chris Surridge

Jonathan Lewis said...

It's nice to hear from other EFL teachers, thank you for the nice site and your visit to mine. I will put a link to your blog on my site shortly. Best Regards,
Jonathan Lewis

Adi said...

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