Video on language learning & Web 2.0 technologies

Web 2.0 & Language Learning(Quicktime)

Graham Stanley's video, published in his Blog-EFL, is a good summary of the new possibilities for language learning offered by new social web tools. Leigh Blackall has also referenced Graham's video at Learn Online, a blog on things to do with network and flexible learning.


Chris Surridge said...

Hello Jose!

I'm sorry it's taken so long to get over here to your blog and check things out! It's GREAT!

I am very optimistic that sites like yours will help to draw disparate threads together and make a more uniform movement in CALL.

I'm going to spend some time now and follwo the links I haven't click on yet.

Thanks again, Jose! It's great to have friends like you.

José Luis Cabello said...

Thanks, Chris.
I am not so optimistic. However, it's true that we have the tools to be in touch and inspired by the work of other members or our spontaneous virtual community.
I have just read what you have written in the CALLSIG forum ("collaborative teaching" thread). Really interesting. You mention some key points:
" I feel a need to develop deeper 'backbone' language-related programming to support and motive exchanges in these media....
How can we make the
exchanges meaningful and padagogically sound? How can we have students running for the MM lab instead of slouching toward it?
I look forward to hearing feedback about this. This might also be a good time for people in different areas of the world to make contacts here and arrange for telecollaborative events."

Very good questions and proposals.

superk said...

nice stuff :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog..I have been following your blog for sometime... Thought would drop by and send you some flashcards which I have found interesting.

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