Good thing the blogosphere!
Dekita and Bee have sent me the first comments. Thanks a lot. It's good to feel that there are great people out there.
In Bee's comment we get the information about TESOL Electronic Village Online 2007 , a free online event which will be held from January 15th to February 25th (the Call for Participation will come out early December).
At Bee's blog I have found an excellent presentation about Blogs, Podcasts and Other Social Tools, created for The Future of Learning in a Networked World (New Zealand, 18-29 September, 2006):


Lingual Bee said...


Visited your blog, and thought language labs is a neat idea. I believe that the traditional way of lauguage learning is completely out of date, if not totally ineffective. Look forward to seeing your experiment.

José Luis Cabello said...

Thank you, lingual bee. I like the introduction you wrote about yourself in your blog. Keep in touch.

Claudia said...

José Luis,

Just landed on your two blogs. I am a fellow teacher of English from Argentina and I am also interested in ICT integration.

Couldn't agree more with your bullet points above. It takes time and patience to put them into practice. But I've found that students' motivation soars when they find their teacher is also an autonomous learner.

Here is the link to my presentation about my blogging experiment.
Are you a Teacher?

Wishing you all best with your Lab,


José Luis Cabello said...

Thank you, Claudia.
Your presentation on educational blogging is really inspiring.
Let me underline "students' motivation soars when they find their teacher is also an autonomour learner". I'll quote you in some post if you don't mind.

Adi said...

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