Computer Assisted Language Learning Special Interest Group

CALLSIG.ORG is a great moodle site recently created by Chris Surridge, where teachers can collaborate in a "community of development and resource sharing". Although it is related to KOTESOL and the Korea-Japan Projects Group, it is open to teachers from everywhere.
A lot has been said about collaborative learning, but what about collaboration among teachers. There are so many language teachers around the world! We need places like this to collaborate worldwide. CALL needs curricular integration models and to define those models we must share experience and knowledge, which is now possible with the new web tools. As Chris has said in the forum, teacher collaboration is critical.
I strongly recommend to register and join CALLSIG , where you can find sample courses and applications (the speaking journals idea is wonderful), 20 hot minutes workshops and a CALLSIG Lounge with a growing forum.
How about meeting in Asia?

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José Luis Cabello said...

Thanks Jose!
Right now the speaking journals are in a little trouble because of
some new technical issues with Odeo, the online audio-blogging
service. I expect it'll be solved soon, though, because it's
enormously popular.

Check out the simple Flash-Comm webchat we've been using to
connect students and teachers. I've put a link to it in the CALLSIG Lounge
under the graphic of the webchat.

Maybe we can setup a live chat between CALL-SIGers!

by Chris Surridge, in the CALL-SIG forum.

Haven't you visited the CALL-SIG forum yet?