CALL Bibliographies online

  • EUROCALL's Bibliography is a list of selected further reading, online and in print, for those interested in computer assisted language learning . Last updated May 26, 2006. There are sections about books, discussion lists, journals, online articles and other bibliographies (most of them dated before the year 2000 or not regularly updated).
  • ICT4LT CALL Bibliography (UK). In the Resources section of the great ICT4LT website. Last updated November 15, 2006. Created and maintained by Graham Davies. It includes books, articles, software distributors and some other just for fun links.
  • Literature on CALL and language learning online . List created by Vance Stevens, it includes online bibliographies (not updated) and articles. Last updated November 4, 2006.
If you know of any other regularly updated CALL bibliography lists, please write a comment.


Graham Davies said...

Thanks for mentioning the ICT4LT bibliography. I've just started an ICT4LT blog at:
Suggestions for discussion topics are welcomed.

José Luis Cabello said...

Thank you for your comment and for your work at ICT4LT, a reference site full of information on CALL.
I'll pay attention to your new blog that I am sure it will be a source of inspiration.