Chinswing: creating conversations

Chinswing is a global message board where anyone can add voice messages to ongoing topical discussions.
You can listen to conversations about Classroom 2.0, Teaching and learning in virtual worlds, Dreams, How people dress or Your favourite sweet, among others. You can record your own message on the chosen topic.

Via Twitter/carlaarena


Carla Arena said...

Hi, José.

That's why I'm becoming a big fan of Twitter. I'm learning even more with others and about others there! So, I feel the urge to post interesting things for that I think it is worth sharing.

Great that you liked the tool!


José Luis Cabello said...

Thank you, Carla. I agree with you. Twitter is a good way to keep in touch and see what other teachers and networkers are doing and discovering.
Chinswing is a very interesting tool for the language classroom, which I didn't know about until I read your messages in Twitter.

EFL Geek said...

This looks great, thanks for posting the link.

José Luis Cabello said...

You are welcome, Sean. Thanks for the comment.

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